The beauty of the online world is that we get to shape it along the way with our content. Because everyone is looking for different things in life, the Internet too is a place with endless opportunities. If you want to sort through all those options to find out what makes sense for your company and what does not, this half day workshop is for you! Whether you want to find out how to have meaningful exchanges with your customers on Facebook or whether Snapchat or Instagram makes more sense for your company - we'll get to the bottom of it.

I work with both startups and small-to-medium sized companies who are looking to grow, expand and their online presence in a strategic and purposeful way. Together, we explore your brand’s vision and core issues, then come up with a comprehensive, concrete and targeted plan to implement them. In this workshop I include ONLY those topics, issues and aspects that your company needs and wants to work on – nothing more, nothing less. 

Here's what's included in my Social Media Strategy Workshop which can be held in either German OR English:

  • A thorough pre-talk on which topics and issues to include
  • A tailored presentation featuring only the content you need
  • Up-to-date facts and figures on the current state of social media
  • Hands-on advice and best practice examples
  • A complete and comprehensive social media strategy including goals, target groups, key messages and relevant social media channels
  • 3-4 hours, max. 5 participants, 750,00€ in total

Here's feedback from companies I have worked with previously:

"Working with Melinda on an authentic, community engaging social media strategy for my startup was both refreshing and professional. Refreshing as she came up with a beyond the obvious approach and wording, adding new twists. Professional because she clearly articulated her opinion and cared much about what is important for me. I can highly recommend to work with her. " (Stephan / Vienna Skill Smiths, Jan 2016)

"Melinda helped us understand our social media tools better, make sense of what our aims and goals were and offered us a great variety of possibilities on how to work with social media while pointing out our strengths and weaknesses in a constructive way. Overall, she helped us to be bolder and thus made us more sucessful in our work." (Sebastian / ÖH, Dez 2015)

"Melinda proves to be consistently creative and constructive when working with us on our social media strategy. She is not only highly enthusiastic about her work but also possesses a well-structured approach to get things done." (Marco / Marco Simonis Bastei10, Nov 2015)

"Melinda is able to simplify and clear things up very quickly. Her professional manner, vast knowledge and charming appearance have made her indispensable for my business." (Maryam / yamyam event production, Nov 2015)