The Dough Report, January 2016

Hello & welcome to another edition of "The Dough Report", where I talk about how much I made in the past month (gasp!). I can't tell you how many times people comment on these reports when they meet me for the first time IRL - always in a hushed tone, as if I'm OK with publishing these figures online for everyone to see but not OK with discussing them face to face. If you're new around here, it might be best to have quick read through the income reports I published previously to find out what exactly I'm doing here and why. Basically, each month I'd like to share the following: How much I earned, how much I spent/invested into my business and on what and what I learned during that month. So let's get to it.

January 2016 Earnings:

  • Social Media Projects: 3.850,00€
  • Copywriting: 950,00€
  • Consulting: 400,00€

Total Revenue (excl. VAT): 5.245,00€

January 2016 Expenses*:

  • Adobe Creative Suite: 8,50€
  • Google Apps: 4,00€
  • Mailchimp: 8,50€
  • Google & FB Ads: 85,00€
  • Website Hosting: 46,10€
  • Business Trip: 100,00€
  • Phone & Internet: 45,00€

Total Expenses: 298,10€ (*Not included: social insurance payments, taxes, rent, utilities)

Total Net Profit: 4.946,90€

FYI: Please bear in mind that the sum you see above is definitely not the amount of money I get to spend this month, as at least 50-66% of it goes directly into a savings account set up specifically for future tax and social insurance payments.

After a much-needed mini-break over the holidays, I decided to take it sloooow in January. As hopefully some of you know, I am trying to build up a whole new side of my business (more on that here) which takes time, patience and a lot of work. That's why I've again said no to a few possible projects and instead focussed on delivering the same high standards to existing clients as well as finding new ways to let people know about how I can help them get ahead: By launching a bi-weekly newsletter where I share what goes on in #AFreelancersLife and by continuing to portrait amazing people from and around Vienna who make a living by following their passion. This will continue to be a long and slow process, because that's how I like to do things: well-planned, well-timed and well-thought-out. "Move fast and break things" just doesn't do it for me, and, as stated previously, even though I like to talk about finances, I'm not primarily in it for the money. I'm in it to have a lasting impression on other people's lives and add value to their ideas, projects and businesses. Even if this means that money might be a little tighter in the coming months, I'm determined to give my new ventures the energy and attention it deserves. And you should too!

So tell me: What do you think of these income reports? do you find them informative, helpful or just TMI in general? Let me know in the comments or tweet me your thoughts.



Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm Melinda and I offer creative and strategic coaching for passionate solopreneurs and freelancers. Connect with me on Twitter or sign up for my bi-weekly newsletters for more information and resources on #AFreelancersLife.