#AFreelancersLife: Lucia from G'schickter Wein

Here's why I started #AFreelancersLife: To highlight different freelancers every month from & around Vienna from all sorts of backgrounds and pick their brains about what they do and how they do it. Check out all previous featured freelancers right hereIf you would like to be featured just drop me a line and let me know!  Today's post features the inspiring Lucia from G'schickter Wein, an online wine shop. 

© Theresa Rotwangl Photography

© Theresa Rotwangl Photography

How long have you been a freelancer and what exactly is it that you do?

I have actually been freelancing since 2008 when I started working as a Djane during my studies. After getting my Master’s degree, I moved from Graz to Vienna to work in journalism and advertising. I got the idea for G’schickter Wein during a trip with my best friend through Styria in 2014, where we mused about how awesome it would be to sell the amazing products of Austria’s numerous small, hidden wineries online. Today, our online shop is full of wines from top-notch producers who focus on maximizing quality instead of maximizing profit.

How does your typical work day look like, if there is one at all?

I’m actually really happy to say that I don’t have a typical work day. It’s incredibly liberating to be able to be in charge of your own time, whether it’s for a day, a week or whole months – for example, to be able to do a workout at 10am or spontaneously decide to visit my parents in Graz on a Thursday afternoon. At the same time, I’m my work-mode is “always on”. I try to be productive as soon as possible after I get up in the morning, whether that’s in my apartment, on a bus en route to Styria or in a co-working space of café. I just open my laptop, turn on my phone and I’m good to go – no matter where I am.

What does your freelancing work entail?

Freelancing means constantly looking for new ideas to make G’schickter Wein even more awesome for our clients. Planning marketing activities, writing newsletters, answering emails, visiting wineries, updating the website, writing Facebook posts, planning events and ending the day having drinks with both inspired and inspiring people, exchanging ideas and opinions.

What has been your biggest highlight so far as a freelancer?

The moment I realized that there are now people who I don’t know ordering wines from G’schickter Wein every day.

© Alexander Danner

© Alexander Danner

How does your previous education & experience tie in with your current freelancer work?

I’ve always been very interested in wine and wineries – talking to winemakers, finding out more about the process and the important factors. I would also say that while working in journalism and advertising I learnt tons of different skills which I am still constantly making good use of today. More importantly though, I was lucky to be brought by parents and sisters who taught me there’s nothing you can’t do in life – while it may not always be easy and simple, there’s always another adventure waiting around the corner. It’s supposed to be fun – “serious” life only begins when you begin to live it. I don’t see any reason at all to start any time soon.

Do you sometimes have motivational lows, and if so, what do you do to get out of your low?

Sports. To me, getting a move on is the best solution out there. I used to do competitive sports as a teenager which is why I know that when nothing goes, I need to move.

What do you love about being a freelancer? What do you hate?

I love the freedom it gives me, but I hate the uncertainty. Simultaneously, too much certainty scares me as well, because it makes me think of getting a dog, building a house, choosing a kitchen and designer baby clothing.

How do you structure your days?

I believe my days are structured quite regularly. I take one day off completely each week, which does not necessarily have to be Sunday. Quite the contrary, I actually enjoy working on Sundays because it’s so quiet. Working on a Sunday is like taking a walk in the snow.

Which are your favorite 3 websites or apps you’re using on a regular basis?

Since we have to deal with a lot of online transactions at G’schickter Wein I’m using our online banking system quite often. Ever since we’re set up with My George I’m quite happy with it – finding out who paid for what when is now super easy. Apart from that we use Piwik to analyze our website and find out which content is most interesting to our visitors and what can be improved online. Thirdly, a friend of mine introduced me to Neko Atsume a few weeks ago – that’s all I can say about that.

Tell us about an exciting project you have worked on which made you proud.

“Proud” might not exactly be the right word, but I have great respect for everyone who is helping those who had to flee their homes and now find themselves in a scary and really challenging situation. The fact that I, as a young, homosexual, independent entrepreneur, am free to do the things I want is not something that should be taken for granted – it’s because of many who fought for these rights. I don’t think it should be underesti-mated how important it is that there are people around today who fight for justice and equality, just like people fought 50 years ago.


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