Why I'm leaving a successful business behind, or: Intro 2016

Oh, hi there! Did I manage to grab your attention with that dramatic headline? That's precisely what I wanted to do. Here goes: After 4 overall pretty successful years of running my own business as a social media & online communications consultant, I decided to not accept ANY new social media work in 2016. Instead, I want to share my experience, passion and knowledge and help other freelancers and solopreneurs get ahead.

This has been in the works for at least 6 months, when I started to realize that while I'm still very passionate about creating online content and helping various companies establish a valuable connection with their customers, it started to feel a little old. Every time I started a new project, the initial excitement started to fade to a sort of "been there, done that" feeling. And every time I worked with solopreneurs or people who primarily worked alone, their passion and dedication was both inspiring and infectious. I came away from those meetings energized, happy and full of motivation (and I sincerely hope they did too, obviously). I started thinking about how they got there, what seperated them from the rest and which part I played on their journey. It was then that I decided to start focusing on how to offer clarity and strategy for those who want to get ahead.

After listening to a few episodes of Jen Carrington's podcast Make It Happen, I realized that as a freelancer, it was possible to transform your business, as long as you (and at some point, others too) believed you are capable of the things you wish to do. So I decided that I am capable: In combining the knowledge I have after consulting on my clients' social media and online marketing strategy for the past 4 years with my previous background in marketing & sales, I am now excited to start helping solopreneurs, freelancers as well as startups and small/medium-sized companies with their brand positioning, business and marketing strategy.

Here's how I can help:

Whether you have had a certain idea stuck in your head for some time now or you’ve been hustling on the side – you’re ready to take the plunge NOW. I know the feeling! Together, we will sort through your dreams, your wishes and your thoughts, come up with a clear and purposeful strategy for your business and also explore how you can market yourself in the best possible way. 

Whether you feel like it’s time to switch things up or you want to take a fresh & new take on your business – you’re ready for CHANGE (I’ve been there!).Together, we will take a good hard look at your brand: We will focus on what parts you love and figure out what to do with those you don’t so you can feel like you are running your business again – instead of being run by it.

If you want to have a closer look at the two options I can help you with (along with a third one!) you can do so here - and just so you know, I am offering my services at reduced rates for everyone who books a spot until March 31 (hint, hint). I'll happily meet with you in person if you're from around Vienna, Austria or do remote sessions via Skype and I'm happy to do those in either German or English.

So let's see where this road takes me. Of course, I could simply go down the same old route I've been trotting on for the past years. I knew that path very well: It was comfortable and fairly easy to navigate.  It also took me quite some time to get to where I am, and I'm not giving that up easily. But it really is as they say: You just know when it's right - and this feels right.