The Dough Report, December 2015

If you're new around here, it might be best to have quick read through the income reports I published previously to find out what exactly I'm doing here and why. Basically, each month I'd like to share the following: How much I earned, how much I spent/invested into my business and on what and what I learned during that month. So let's get to it.

December 2015 Earnings:

  • Social Media Projects: 1.700,00€
  • Copywriting: 980,00€
  • Workshops: 600,00€

Total Revenue (excl. VAT): 3.280,00€

December 2015 Expenses*:

  • Adobe Creative Suite: 8,50€
  • Google Apps: 4,00€
  • Domain (Side Project): 75,00€
  • Website Hosting: 46,10€
  • Online Image Editing Tool: 32,00€
  • Phone & Internet: 45,00€

Total Expenses: 210,60€ (*Not included: social insurance payments, taxes, rent, utilities)

Total Net Profit: 3.069,40€

FYI: Please bear in mind that the sum you see above is definitely not the amount of money I get to spend this month, as at least 50-66% of it goes directly into a savings account set up specifically for future tax and social insurance payments.

Like probably for most of you, my December went by in a flash. Silly me actually thought I would quiet down a little with the holidays coming up, but it actually seemed to whip things more into a frenzy than before because everybody wanted to finish up loose ends before the end of the year (including me). Apart from one workshop, I only worked for my retainer clients last month which made it possible to really focus on every single one of them, talk about 2015 and also start thinking about 2016. This also meant I was able to give myself a little bit of breathing room at the end of the year to really have a good hard look at how my business evolved this year (more on that here) and get a headstart on preparing for 2016 (after spending a few days with loved ones while sleeping and eating tons). I also had a highly satisfying meeting with my tax advisor - even though he told me it would be a good idea to give away ALL MY MONEY to my social insurance company - where I finally felt like I understood things a little better and was able to plan ahead. I'll let you know next month whether that actually turned out to be true or whether I was in for another shock. Fingers crossed!

I have exciting things planned for 2016 which will definitely also affect these income reports. I have decided to continue doing them, partly because they are helpful in terms of reflecting regularly, and partly because they tend to be among the most popular posts every month, even though I barely get any feedback at all from all those readers (hint hint). Let's change that in 2016, shall we?

So tell me: What do you think of these income reports? do you find them informative, helpful or just TMI in general? Let me know in the comments or tweet me your thoughts.