Why you should not only make money, but also spend it.

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That's right: This blogpost is about spending your hard-earned cash - just not necessarily on shoes and gadgets. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I started feeling quite discontent with my business. I wasn't sure about branding, I didn't feel good about my website, I wanted to add more layers and inject more of my personality into it but I didn't really know where to start.

Until someone in my Twitter feed mentioned Jenny Purr's podcast called Make It Happen (I am eternally grateful to you, random person who I can't remember #sorry - and also to you, Serial podcast, because it's only since you came along I started paying attention to this sort of medium #sorryagain) and I checked it out. Jenny's podcast mainly focuses on bloggers and creatives and deals with a lot of different aspects - how to find your passion and purpose in business, how to start monetizing your blog, how to launch new products and how to build a community. Through that podcast, I discovered a lot of other amazing ladies who are doing super awesome stuff on the Internet, such as Maya Elious or Mariah Coz. And it's there I remembered the importance of a saying which is as old as mankind (not really, but you know, in Millenial terms everything older than 1980 is as old as mankind): you gotta spend money to make money. Specifically, you have got to invest in your business - and yourself.

Now, to some extent, I had already done that. I paid someone to take professional photos of me looking business-like but also a little quirky, I created a website, I bought a domain, I ordered a pack of business cards, la-di-da. But none of it was done with a lot of thought, or, I'll just go ahead and admit it: finesse and/or sophistication. I figured out that this was what bothered me: It just all seemed out of date, not relevant, and not on fleek (And just like Kim Kardashian, I definitely want to be on fleek forever). I felt ready to work with different clients and offer different services, but still had the same branding and online identity when I started out over 3,5 years ago. 

So I decided to spend some dough on my business self. I made the change to Squarespace, I bought a new domain (solely because of this entry, to be honest), I signed up for Google Apps for Work and hell, I also bought a few ebooks on branding, monetizing and design. And you know what? I. didn't. even. mind. It felt good spending a little extra because it enabled me to start the change, the transition of my business. 

So this is what I want you to take away from this post. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself and your business a little more - whether that's a webinar, an ebook, or a life coach. Don't just concentrate on earning money with your business, focus on spending it on your business too! There so many great things out there to discover that can get you ahead, just do them when you actually have the time and can afford it.

My personal first result of all this, of course, is the website you're currently browsing on (welcome!). And there's definitely more to come - just watch this space right here.

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